Mares Puck Pro

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The Puck Pro Dive Computer from Mares has all the easy to use features of the Mares Puck with a slimmer design, larger display, upgradeable software and multi gas capability. This nitrox dive computer is sure to be incredibly long lasting and the USB interface (not included) can upload all your details to your computer to keep track of all your dives.


Segment display
Gas switching
Software upgrade ability
One button control
Mineral glass display
Battery level indicator
User replaceable batteries
Dive planner
Residual nitrogen reset
Option to exclude audible alarms
Ascent rate indicator
Altitude adjustment
Clock & Calendar
Temperature display
36 hour memory capacity
5 second profile sampling rates
Maximum displayed depth 150m
EAN (NITROX) from 21% to 99%


Screen size – approximately 39mm wide x 39mm high


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